Yonah’s Art

Yonah Menashe Epstein is an extremely talented young boy who is just starting his career as an artist.  Some of the pieces presented here go back a few years.

In general, children’s creativity is fascinating, especially in the field of visual arts.
I’m fortunate to be blessed with two boys whose work is absolutely pure in its genius.

I’m happy to share some of Yonah’s creations with you. Most of the works are done on paper, either with ink, markers or acrylic. He has a propensity for graphics and symbolic drawings.

In his compositions you sense this freedom of the mind, where composition flows naturally, in its pure form,  not influenced by society, philosophies, religions, critiques, or techniques.  He fills the space perfectly with his motifs.

It just is, it had to be, it needed to come into existence.